Our Sugar Anemone Course

A detailed step-by-step guide for making my sugar anemone. Perfect for cake decorating!

In this online class, through close-up shots and a detailed voiceover, you will be feel like you are here with me, making the sugar anemone together.

  The course is broken down into smaller sections for the ease of learning.  You will have lifetime access to the video tutorials, so you can watch them at your own pace as you practice along.

This course is perfect for sugar artists and bakers looking to take their flowers and cake decorating skills to the next level. The online course is structured in a way to take you through all the steps.

Happy learning!

Private Facebook Group

You will get exclusive access to our private group on Facebook where you will be able to ask questions or receive feedback on your sugar anemones.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Outline

    • 1.1 Course Outline

  • 2

    Colour Theory

    • 2.1 Notes on Colours

    • 2.2 The Colour Wheel - Colour Theory

  • 3

    Introductory Modules

    • 3.1 Homemade Gum Paste Recipe & Handling

    • 3.2 Homemade Gum Paste Demonstration

    • 3.3 Tools & Materials

    • 3.4 Anemone Cutters Size Chart

  • 4

    The Making of Sugar Anemone

    • 4.1 Preparing Gum Paste Base Colours

    • 4.2 Anemone Centre

    • 4.3 Anemone Stamens (Store Bought vs Homemade)

    • 4.4 Preparing Petal Formers and Floral Wires

    • 4.5 Wired Petals (With and Without Veining Board)

    • 4.6 Shaping Petals

    • 4.7 Anemone Leaves

    • 4.8 Using a Petal Template

  • 5

    Colouring Projects

    • 5.1 Dusting Purple/Pink Petals

    • 5.2 Dusting Muted Pink Petals

    • 5.3 Dusting and Painting Variegated Petals

    • 5.4 Dusting Leaves

  • 6


    • 6.1 Putting Together the Flower and the Leaves

Watch Intro Video

Sugar Anemone Online Course Trailer

Your Sugar Anemone Instructor

Founder/Sugar Flower Artist

May Ling Chen

May Ling is an experienced sugar flower instructor who has taught over 200 students in her offline workshops. In response to the increase in demand for her to teach online, she decided to release online courses for sugar and wafer paper flowers in her signature styles. She is a passionate, patient and persistent sugar florist and her teaching reflects that as well. Her explanations are detailed because she wants all her students, whether offline or online, to walk away from her classes feeling fulfilled.

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